Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


This week we’ve rolled out updates to help you better share and organize intel:
💬 Share briefs in Slack
(Available on Pro plans)
Want to loop in others about an update? You can now share briefs in Slack DMs or channels, with added context. Learn how.
✉️ Add additional recipients to your email digest
(Available on Pro plans)
Help your colleagues stay up-to-date. Have your weekly digest sent to 3 additional email addresses. Add the recipients you want included in "Email preferences".
⏱️ Change the frequency of your digest email
Want to receive your summary email digest more, or less, often? You can now have it sent daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Update your options in “Email preferences”.
🔖 Pin briefs
See a brief you want to revisit later? You can now pin it. Simply click on the pin below any brief.
🔎 Improved sidebar for filtering
We’ve added a new app sidebar to help you more quickly navigate between product updates, company news, blog posts and pinned briefs.
We’ve rolled out one of our most requested features: company groups! 🎉 With groups, you can now categorize the companies you’re tracking and customize your weekly email digest to include updates from specific groups. Company groups are available on our Pro plan. Click here to learn more.
We're excited to announce that Scout is now open for beta! To sign up, go to
All beta users can start with a free 14-day free trial - no credit card required.
  • We've launched the ability to filter your in-app feed by: product updates, company news and blog posts. To select which posts you'd like to see in your feed, use the dropdown at the top right of your feed.
  • You can also specify the type of briefs that should be included in your weekly email. Configure your settings in Email Preferences.
  • In addition, we've improved how Scout categorizes new briefs, so labels more accurately reflect what each post is about.